8th IDT (Investment Data and Technology) Conference in Sydney

Myles Allan
August 2023

Just heading back from the 8th IDT (Investment Data and Technology) Conference in Sydney.

Thanks to Laurence Jarvis for another insightful and well construed event. It turns out that doing data properly is not easy!

There is a complex matrix to negotiate starting with the customers and a well constructed problem statement or use-case. That should drive the choice of solution of which there are numerous.

The day flew by - 8 sessions covering a range of issues from solutions, avoiding green washing, central vs federated models or a hybrid etc. As a common theme - success as always comes from a clear vision and strategy, strong sponsorship and mandate and the right resources.

Some insightful comments from a vendor panel that they can spot a white elephant at first client meeting by the absence of one of more of these foundations.

Happy to share any further insights.