Evaluation, Selection and Procurement (ESP)

Mosaic offers clients a solution that supports the evaluation, selection and procurement of technology platforms in the finance sector.
Mosaic Evaluation, Selection and Procurement (ESP)
We bring a wealth of experience and understand the challenges that our clients face, bringing to our clients the ability to provide an independent and subjective assessment along with practical recommendations for implementation.

Mosaic has deep expertise in this space and is able to strike the right balance across ESP process, leveraging our client’s capability and approach and enhancing with our experience and pragmatism to meet client desire to know as much as possible prior to committing and their appetite for the cost of discovery.

Standing up ESP Programmes

Governance and the right client expertise in the room is critical to the success of any ESP process. We do it with you not for you and engage across the business to ensure the right people are on board and have brought in to the process and its outcomes.

Executing Proven ESP Approach and Process

We recognise that our customer have their own way of doing things but we do come to the table with a proven process for getting the best out of client teams and vendors.

We have cut down the traditional long run RFI followed by RFP and replaced it with a fast-fail pre-qualification process followed by an enhanced RFI and demonstration process.

Mosaic has a deep knowledge of the markets in which we operate and the options available which means we can quickly generate a relevant shortlist. 

The enhanced RFI and discovery process rapidly gets the right vendors in front of SMEs, cuts through the sales and marketing and reveals exactly what can be delivered against what’s expected and when.

Some of our Recent ESP Work

Front office systems

  • Order and execution management
  • Performance attribution

Outsource administration services

  • Funds unit registry
  • Fund accounting

Credit risk systems evaluation

Wrap platform evaluation selection and procurement

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