Operational Excellence

At Mosaic, operational excellence means the continual pursuit to be the best you can be, deep down in your DNA.
We can help you beyond the theory with pragmatic and practical experience implementing Operational Excellence practices within the finance sector. Mosaic is able to provide a framework to support our clients to develop and implement programmes that support the delivery and achieve strategic goals.


We believe that Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, striving to be the best you can be and to do the best you can do. Excellence expects obstacles and mistakes along the way. Learning, being persistent and showing commitment to honing a craft.

Excellence can sometimes be confused with perfectionism and we believe that there are fundamental differences. Perfectionism is characterised by a concern with striving for flawlessness and is accompanied by critical self-evaluation and concerns for others' evaluations. Perfectionism can get in the way of a culture and habit of Excellence.

Both strive for the best but how people feel along the way, how committed they are, and the likely outcomes are very different.


Mosaics approach to Operational Excellence focusses on:

Assessing current maturity – determining where on a scale across six operational excellence factors your organisation’s operational abilities currently sit

Determining target maturity and strategy – where your organisation aspires to be, why and for what benefit

Mobilising – how best to apply your organisations efforts to increase maturity through:

  • practice and programme design
  • programme pilot and benefits test case
  • rollout and embedding the changes in to your every day

Mosaic can advise and practically support you to establish a strategy, define, deliver and maintain an Operation Excellence programme recognising:

It’s your Excellence

Your starting point will be unique to you
Your end point and how you get there will be equally unique to you

A safe set of hands

Mosaic provides a trusted partner with people that have led Operational Excellence transformation in practice

It’s your Excellence achieved through investment, leadership and team conviction (and good partnering)


As well as assisting to define your strategy, Mosaic can assist with the implementation of any Operational Excellence uplift, offering pragmatic and lived experience:

Programme Pilot

  • Identify the right pilot to validate the programme approach, inform mobilisation with key learnings and prove the benefits that can be realised
  • Pilot execution support for executing the pilot with training, frameworks and coaching
  • Pilot evaluation review success factors and key learnings, making recommendations for programme mobilisation

Programme Mobilisation

  • Planning full programme mobilisation alongside other key organisational factors
  • Delivery and development support for mobilisation with training, frameworks and coaching at leader and team level
  • Evaluation regular checkpoints on programme progress and outcomes, adapting the programme as needed to maximise value

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