Our Approach & Capability

Mosaic can engage anywhere in the solutioning cycle

We fill gaps in client capability and/or capacity, from industry-specific IP and problem definition through to resourcing, we are equally committed to helping you deliver on our recommendations.

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Anticipating Market Drivers

The banking, finance and insurance sectors are facing ever-increasing market challenges requiring organisations to continually deliver change projects. In addition to the traditional market drivers such as competitive pressure, merger and acquisition and technology shifts, they are also grappling with accelerating change largely enabled by technology: customer dynamics and expectations, new market entrants and disruptors all need to be accommodated in an increasingly customer focused regulatory environment. This, in turn, drives the need for improved governance, transparency and a stakeholder wide focus on conduct, compliance, and data privacy.

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Customers ability to address key market drivers requires the foundation of good strategic thinking, planning and execution. Mosaic provides advisory services to assist clients in building this foundation. These engagements cover the spectrum of green-fields strategy formulation through to reviewing and tweaking of existing plans, generally as part of other engagements across the delivery chain.

Business Improvement

Significant numbers of programmes/projects are derived from continuous improvement, business growth and new products and services, all driving the need for new or upgraded technology and complementary changes in business process.

Improvement projects require good business and technical analysis supported by data analytics, followed by business case development and procurement and systems selection of required solutions.

A significant amount of Mosaics capability is concentrated in this space and the subsequent post-approval execution of implementation projects.


The success of programmes and project outcomes are determined by the quality and levels of engagement from both the customer and delivery partner.

Whilst Mosaic consultants leverage industry frameworks supported by Agile, SDLC waterfall or blended approaches, they are complemented with industry experience and subject matter expertise.

We are also cognisant of the need to move beyond the traditional triadic focus on time, scope and cost to include the fourth dimension of benefits and the significant role that change management plays in realizing them.

Regulatory Response

Banking, Finance and Insurance organisations are facing an unprecedented level of scrutiny and demand to meet conduct, regulatory, compliance and data privacy requirements.

Mosaic has a deep understanding of financial services regulation and the strategy-first process of developing interpretative frameworks to derive policy, process and functional implementation plans.

Domain Knowledge & Expertise

Regulatory Response