Mosaic and Manifest Climate Partner to Help Sustainability Teams Manage Climate-related Risks & Opportunities

May 2024
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The partnership empowers organisations along their sustainability journey and helps clients improve climate-related disclosures.

Mosaic, a specialist consulting firm based in Australasia, today announced its partnership with Manifest Climate, the leading climate intelligence software, to bring organisations comprehensive solutions that support recent New Zealand TCFD regulation, in addition to scalability to other relevant frameworks such as Nature disclosures.

Now, combined with Manifest’s AI-powered climate assessment solution, companies can conduct gap analyses and peer benchmarking in real-time to align with regulation requirements, eliminating manual research, and gaining a clear view of how their climate data measures against standards and frameworks. 

“In Manifest Climate we have found a solution set delivering a high level of client benefit and alignment with our strategic direction around AI in the climate space, that it just made sense for it to become a function of what we can deliver”, said Myles Allan, founding partner at Mosaic.

Through the partnership, organisations can access industry-leading solutions to ensure their climate strategy and disclosures meet global requirements. Organisations can:

  • Uncover gaps in real-time against mandatory climate disclosure requirements
  • Accelerate compliance through tailored action plans with prioritised activities
  • Monitor climate-related risks across their industry and supply chain
  • Benchmark disclosures against competitors, peers and or industry leaders

“Manifest Climate enables Mosaic to focus on the strategic elements of climate-related disclosure projects by automating the manual work associated with conducting gap analyses and peer benchmarking research,” continued Myles Allan. “This translates into unbiased, tailored action plans for our clients, that fast tracks success along their sustainability journey.”

“Our partnership with Mosaic is transforming how organisations in New Zealand tackle climate change,” said Jeremy Greven, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Manifest Climate.

“By combining Manifest Climate’s AI technology with Mosaic’s consulting expertise, we’re equipping companies to meet TCFD regulations efficiently and succeed beyond compliance. This collaboration is not just about managing risks — it's about seizing opportunities and leading in sustainability.”

For More Information:

Learn more about how Mosaic and Manifest Climate can help organisations manage climate-related financial risk here.

About Mosaic

Mosaic has been helping make the NZ financial services sector one that is resilient, vibrant and that delivers sustained, positive outcomes to its customers. We’re experts in dissecting strategic, regulatory and operational challenges and resolving these with the best mix of people, process and technology changes.

Our Sustainability service line supports our clients with the full lifecycle of climate-related disclosure, from understanding the current state and the gap to the desired state, to establishing a roadmap for a robust delivery, and implementation.

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About Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate is the leading climate intelligence software that provides management teams with climate-related insights and recommendations to accelerate climate strategies and mitigate climate-related financial risk. Manifest Climate pairs deep climate expertise with AI-powered technology to conduct instant gap analyses against leading reporting frameworks and benchmark market intelligence from peers and sector leaders.

With Manifest Climate, organisations reduce time spent on manual research by 99%, improving precision and consistency as a result. Learn more at