Leading Firms Join Forces to Enhance Climate-Related Disclosures in New Zealand

Myles Allan
April 2024

Mosaic and Informed.City have announced a partnership aimed at providing comprehensive advice on climate-related financial disclosures for businesses in New Zealand. This initiative comes in response to the increasing demand for transparency and accountability in how companies address climate change risks and opportunities.

The collaboration combines Mosaic’s expertise in financial advisory services, with the climate-related experience of Informed.City to offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the complexities of Aotearoa New Zealand’s climate-related reporting regime.

Mosaic has been helping make the NZ financial services sector one that is resilient, vibrant and that delivers sustained, positive outcomes to its customers. We’re experts in dissecting strategic, regulatory and operational challenges and resolving these with the best mix of people, process and technology changes. Our Sustainability service line can support our clients with the full lifecycle of climate-related disclosure, from understanding the current state and the gap to the desired state, to establishing a roadmap for a robust delivery, and implementation.

The Informed.City team brings a wealth of climate-related expertise. Together Donovan Burton and Ian Edwards have over two decades of international experience in climate-related issues. Since 2019 they have leveraged their experience to advise a range of Aotearoa New Zealand clients spanning the financial, corporate and government sectors.

“Together, our partnership with Informed.City deepens our ability to service our clients’ climate-related needs by scaling up the analysis and implementation of key building blocks needed for the disclosure regime and beyond.” – Myles Allan

The partnership aims not only to enhance the quality of disclosures but also to empower businesses to make more informed decisions regarding their environmental impact, ultimately contributing to a sustainable future for all.

“Applied appropriately, Aotearoa’s climate-related disclosure standards can unlock significant value at an organisational level. In turn, this will contribute to strengthening Aotearoa‘s resilience to the biggest challenge of our time” – Ian Edwards
“Our economy requires transformational change, and significant opportunities can be found by leaning into the challenge. It is exciting to be working with Mosaic and collectively we look forward to helping firms to integrate a meaningful response to these complex issues”. – Donovan Burton

For further details, please contact:

Donovan Burton – donovan@informed.city
Myles Allan – myles.allan@mosaicfsi.com

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