Key takeaways from IAPP ANZ Summit 2023

Caroline Carver
October 2023

Caroline Carver, Principal Consultant – Privacy, enjoyed two days away at the IAPP ANZ 2023 conference. She enjoyed meeting New Zealand and Australia clients whilst away.

Her key takeaways of the conference, as well as COVID, were:

  • There is a lot of hype about AI but a lot of the use cases are futuristic. The introduction of AI is very like the introduction of cloud computing. Privacy is a stakeholder at the table when considering AI but not the only party.
  • Various countries, including New Zealand, have or are developing codes and other guidance about designing for children. These are not fully harmonised. The key thing when designing for children is to consider what is in their best interests.
  • Getting buy in for privacy is still challenging. It is worth having a line item for privacy controls outside of the general ICT funding to ensure it is appropriately funded.
  • The New Zealand Privacy Commissioner is going to release a proposed code for Biometrics shortly. This is a key focus for the office. A key part of the code is ensuring the use of biometrics is proportional to the risks posed to the individuals concerned.
  • Designing for Customer Data Right needs a whole of business re-design not just not a technology focus as it impacts every part of the business.
  • Privacy legislation is changing in Australia the time to get prepared is now. Don’t wait as you will run out of time to become compliant.

Certified AI Governance Professional (AIGP) course details can be found here.