Applying The Privacy Act 2020 in the Digital Age – Infographic

Mark Carver
May 2023

Privacy Week is the annual event hosted by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner to promote privacy awareness, inform people of their rights under the Privacy Act, and help educate organisations about their responsibilities.

This year’s event runs from the 8th to 12th May and focuses on “Privacy rights in the digital age”. The Privacy Commissioner is running a series of free webinars (Office of the Privacy Commissioner | Privacy Week 2023: Privacy rights in the digital age 8-14th May) covering topics related to digital privacy like online dating, biometrics, AI and more.

In a modern digital world, organisations still face challenges as to how they embed privacy requirements across their digital eco-system.

To celebrate this year’s New Zealand’s Privacy Week and to assist organisations, Mosaic has developed a new Infographic which depicts how the Privacy Act 2020 is applied in the digital age.

The infographic is free to download here and distribute across your organisation.