Confidentiality agreement

This agreement is made between Mosaic FSI and the employee

During your employment, you will have access to and knowledge of Mosaic FSI confidential information and trade secrets.

Disclosure of any of this confidential information and trade secrets could have serious financial consequences or create severe competitive disadvantages for Mosaic FSI. There may be material damage, financial or otherwise, deliberate, or otherwise, to the Company’s legitimate business interest.

Under the terms of this confidentiality agreement, you agree to keep secret. You shall not at any time, either during employment or post-employment, use, communicate or reveal to any person any trade secret or confidential information relating to Mosaic FSI or any Associated Company.

You are aware of the Mosaic FSI policies concerning compliance with New Zealand privacy legislation and undertake to always act by these.

Any breach of these policies will be dealt with under Mosaic FSI disciplinary procedure, and action taken can include dismissal without notice.

Confidential information, for this policy, includes:

  1. Systems, techniques, or know-how of Mosaic FSI suppliers or customers as they exist from time to time.
  2. Systems designs and other computer technology, software specifications, documentation, product lists, customer lists, research and development, formulae or formulations, costings, profit margins, discounts, rebates, and other financial information.
  3. Current company business activities, including past, present, and future relating to all or any development, production or sales including the timing or all or any such matters, the development of new products, production, or design secrets. It also includes technical design or specifications of the products of Mosaic FSI or any associated company.
  4. Training documentation and media created and delivered by Mosaic FSI.
  5. Company pricing, credit policies, credit procedures, payment policies, payment procedures and systems for the same, whether of the Company or any Associated Company, details of the Company’s clients and customers or prospective clients and customers.
  6. Any other information which is notified to you during your employment as being confidential or secret or is received or obtained by you in privileged circumstances.


The restrictions under the terms of this confidentiality agreement shall not apply to:

  1. Any disclosure or use of information that Mosaic FSI has expressly authorised or as required in the ordinary and proper course of your employment or as required by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction or as required by a relevant regulatory authority.
  2. Information already in the public domain not because of a breach of this clause or breach of an equivalent provision or other unlawful act (whether done by you personally or by an agent, whether on your account or for or in association with any other person or by any other employee of Mosaic FSI.

Documentation generated during your employment.

All documentation generated during your employment including notes, memoranda, records, media, and writings that relate to the business of the Company or any Associated Company shall remain the property of the Company or Associated Company to whose business they may relate.

On termination of your employment for any reason, you shall immediately return to the Company all books, documents, original papers, copy papers, materials, and other property of or relating to the business of the Company or any Associated Company currently in your possession or which are or were last under your possession, custody, power, or control.


By accepting employment with Mosaic FSI you automatically agree to this confidentiality agreement.

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