Trustee Services

Mosaic understands the pressures of regulation and new technology on traditional trustee models.

We can help you respond to these challenges by exploring the demands of changing regulatory expectations on your operations and systems, assessing the value of new technology options, and then implementing the most beneficial mix of people, process and system capability.

Some of our work

Trust Admin & Funds Management Platform Replacement

Our Australasian client committed to an end-to-end review of its technology platforms and engaged Mosaic to programme manage this exercise. The key components included a trust administration platform, funds/wrap management platforms, and CRM.

Mosaic conducted a global solutions review and a detailed procurement and due diligence programme, culminating in the selection of a preferred vendor.

IT infrastructure Separation Project

As the result of a recent takeover, our client was obliged to separate a number of critical IT services from the previous parent company.

Mosaic inherited the project in a dysfunctional state and subsequently bought it back on course by applying a robust project management framework and outstanding stakeholder management skills. The project was subsequently delivered on time and the client avoided some significant contractual penalties.

Trust Administration FMCA Impact Assessment

Mosaic was engaged to evaluate the impact of the FMCA on our client’s trustee business. This involved working with the client and external legal to dissect the exposure draft then work with the respective business units to determine the detailed impacts on their business areas.

This work provided the platform for the client to make the required business changes and achieve the right level of business readiness in advance of the introduction of the FMCA.

A Range Of Other Projects

Any change in the operations value chain generally involves some form of Trustee input. Mosaic has had a wide range of interactions with trustees in a supervisory role in the course of executing a number of projects. Accordingly, we are fully conversant with the requirements of the trustee in a supervisory role, from consultation to reporting.

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